WorkSquare, South Florida's First Certified B Corp 

Identifying their Brand

worksquare logo hi res.jpg

B Storytelling discovered a "people-first" brand for WorkSquare through employee, staff and client interviews. This project has included partnership with two of our women partners: Stacy Metzger and Pam Flor. Together, we worked on a series of blogs, a one-page testimonial, newsletters and a magazine article. We promoted their work by publishing an article on Just Means, SEE Change Blog and in Muses and Visionaries Magazine.  

Tian Leh Eco-Farm, Socially Responsible Company

Brand and Business Building

Tian Leh hired B Storytelling to help discover and tell their story from the very beginning. We partnered with them to craft their mission statement, their business plan, several press releases and build and write their website content. Currently, we are developing a two-year, content marketing and PR plan and building their Facebook page. We are promoting their work by publishing a piece on Just Means and Northeastern Alumni Association Magazine.  

SunCommon, Benefit Corporation

Investors’ Deck

Upon launching a new product, SunCommon sought a large investment to subsidize their costs and build partnerships. B Storytelling synthesized a large amount of content into a ‘story for investors.’ We then designed, formatted and finalized a 40-deck, investors’ slide deck. This project involved crafting new content, translating content into unique graphs and organizing a story line. This deck has been used to communicate the necessity and innovation of SunCommon’s new product.

Center for Nature and Leadership, Non-Profit 

Social Media

Center for Nature and Leadership hired B Storytelling to create social media content. We crafted catchy twitter and Facebook posts, wrote and edited blog posts, and created short videos for their weekly newsletter. B Storytelling promoted their work by publishing a piece on Just Means.