Blogging, tweeting, press releases, YouTube videos. It takes a lot of time to capture and tell your story. But, what's the point of spending all of that time if no one is listening? That's what content strategy is all about, and why we believe that every piece of content you publish should have a purpose

Our goal at B Storytelling is to make the way you communicate, who you communicate with and the work you publish a strategic process. We begin by asking questions about how you currently communicate your impact. Our content analysis will provide you with a solid understanding of how you are currently communicating your work and how to propel its impact. We will help you identify how to reach specific customer segments. We find out where they hang out and what kinds of stories they care about. We can also create a strategic, cohesive plan for all of your content: from your social media outlets to your brochures other printed materials, all of it should tie together and make sense for your user.

We also incorporate other content strategies including: search engine optimization, what's trending, and emerging platforms. We like to think of ourselves as Storytelling Strategists. Sustainable ones.

Here's an example of some content strategy we did for Marlboro College Graduate School: